Ceramic Keep Cup - Khaki

$32 $41.95

16 billion paper cups are used for coffee every single year, which leads to 6.5 million trees cut down, 4 billion gallons of water going to waste, and enough energy to power 54,000 homes for a year also goes to waste.

If every one had the mindset, "I'll do my part and reduced waste where I can" just imagine the impact it would have. We only have one planet, save it for our children and their children.

Designed for easy use and re-use,
recyclable at the end of life, and made in the dreamiest of colours.

With Frankgreens innovative ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer reusable cup or bottle is about creating a pure flavour and aroma experience. It’s triple-walled and vacuum insulated for the ultimate temperature control to keep beverages hot or cold for hours.

Available in 10oz and 16oz and five colour choices.

Cloud, Midnight, Lilac, Blush and Khaki

Thank you for helping, every little bit counts. 

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