A wise person once said that progress is impossible without change. We have taken this mantra onboard and are committed to doing our part in protecting this beautiful planet of ours.
There is no Planet ‘B’ and we want our children and our children’s children to see the magic of the land we live on, to dance in fields of flowers and swim in the oceans free of pollution and full of sea life.
Single use packaging contributes to a major portion of solid waste, so we made it our mission to become more conscious of our waste and pledge to lighten our footprint.
All Milky orders are packaged in bio-degradable bags made from sustainably bio-degradable plants. These bags are designed to be re-used with peace of mind that you are not creating additional waste. The bag can be disposed of in a home compost bin and will take only 90-180 days to break down.
Tissue Paper & Logo Stickers
Your order will be wrapped with love with our custom Milky tissue paper. This is made from paper products sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably using eco-friendly soy-based inks and acid free paper. To bind it all together, we use a beautiful Milky sticker which is created with the same materials.
"Walk with us on our journey and bit by bit, we can help our beautiful Earth"